Consumer Relations

In 1990, the Brazilian consumer defense code (CDC) was enacted, a milestone in the history of consumer law. This is the set of rules establishing the rights of the consumers and the obligations of manufacturers and suppliers of products and services in the Country. The law also provides for standards of conduct, deadlines and penalties in case of non-compliance.

The Brazilian CDC ensures other basic rights, such as the protection of life, health and safety against risks triggered in the supply chain of products and services, protection against misleading and abusive advertising and prevention and reparation of moral and patrimonial damages.

Ensuring consumer rights, the CDC guides manufacturers and suppliers in general, setting up limits and making consistent practices for the consumer relationship, establishing appropriate procedures for the companies to comply with the standards set forth on the statute.

JM Prado Garcia is ready to assist clients on preventive procedures that may eliminate or mitigate consumer risks, as well as to defend them in any administrative and judicial proceedings that might arise concerning consumer issues.